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Automate customer service

Smartifik offers natural language processing and understanding applications. Our expertise lies in the field of conversational artificial intelligence. Our technology gives different applications the power to understand language and to perform customer service tasks automatically. Our job is to enable companies to give their customers instant service around the clock while lowering costs.

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Automate questions and answers

Smartifik QA - Give instant answers to your customers

90% of the consumers who bought an item from an online store said they have used site search to find self service material.

Users want their questions to be answered quickly. The more content a site has, the harder it is to find answers. Smartifik QA is a language and artificial intelligence equipped Question-Answer machine designed for web sites. Smartifik QA answers to user questions without queues for 24 hours a day every day of the week. Questions that can't be answered by Smartifik QA, will be stored to a database where the answer can be taught. Language technology enables Smartifik QA to recognize similar questions although they are asked differently.

Smartifik QA works as a cloud based service and includes an automated Q&A database. Smartifik QA is installed by adding one line of code to your web site. Teach an answer once and Smartifik QA will answer the question always.

Smartifik QA has following features:

1. Understands whole sentences

Smartifik QA searches answers to users questions from a database. Smartifik's language technology can find similar questions even though the questions are written differently in the Q&A database.

Finding information has never been easier. The user doesn't have to browse to find answers. User can ask a question to find the answer. Tecnology enables the user to be served fast and accurately.

2. Keyword Search

Users can use keywords to find relevant questions from the Smartifik QA database. Keywords are a fast way to find simple information. Technology generates keywords automatically from the database. This makes the search comprehensive and easy to use.

3. Contacting Users

If there is no answer for a question in the database, Smartifik QA will ask the user for an e-mail address. Smartifik QA then forwards the question and contact information to the company's customer service.

The contacting function will collect new user information for a business. This way the user will be always served although there is no answer available in Smartifik QA.

4. Live Chat

Smartifik QA includes a traditional Live Chat -feature. Customer service can browse live conversations that Smartifik QA is having and join in a conversation. Smartifik QA can be setup to call for customer service personnel when there is a need for one.

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Automate customer service

Smartifik Dialog

Smartifik Dialog enables automatisation of customer service.

Smartifik Dialog understands English conversations and performs tasks given in them. We offer Smartifik Dialog as a SaaS -service. Smartifik Dialog can be customized easily to match Your needs. Smartifik Dialog is an excellent tool for companies who wish to generate savings and offer their customers the most advanced self service in the market.

Smartifik Dialog is used for example in the following cases:

  • Having a full conversation with a user visiting a web site
  • Dialog is used to ask additional questions from user to speed up customer service
  • User information is stored to database
  • Accurate full sentence searches to product, question and site databases.
  • 1. Conversation Features

    Users want service and solutions to their problems as fast as they can when they visit a web site. Smartifik Dialog engages into conversation with a user. During the conversation it's possible to solve problems quickly. Smartifik Dialog replies to user's questions, searches for information from different sources, redirects user to correct sections in the site and obtains valuable information from the customer. Smartifik Dialog can be used to automate different types customer service tasks.

    Smartifik Dialog is easily programmed to perform both simple and complex customer service tasks. It's easy to save money by automating customer service tasks. Cost-efficient and always open customer service application works as a support for customer service personnel and improves customer experience in a web site. Smartifik Dialog will make your web site intelligent.

    2. Additional Questions

    In customer service a lot of time is consumed by incomplete customer service requests. Smartifik Dialog analyzes user's input and asks for further details if the input doesn't contain all the information that is needed by the customer service personnel.

    Additional questions enable automatic conversation between user and Smartifik Dialog customer service application. They can be used to give more accurate information for the users. Additional questions also save time by getting all the required information ready for the customer service personnel, before they start to work on the user request.

    3. Saving User Data to Database

    Automating simple customer service task in a way that feels natural to the customer has never been this simple. Smartifik Dialog analyzes the customer input and extracts meaninful elements to be stored into a database.

    Storing new or modifying old data is natural using Smartifik Dialog, because the customer is served by a software cabable of understanding English.

    4. Accurate Full Sentence Search to Product and Site Databases

    With our intelligent technology, it's possible to let customer search using full sentences. Smartifik Dialog evaluates and extracts the most meaningful words of the sentence to create extremely accurate database searches.

    Smartifik Dialog understands sentences. This enables the search function to adapt to product, question and site databases in different ways so that the queries made for each would be as accurate as possible. In addition the search result combination of different databases increases sales by giving valuable additional information about the products the user has searched.

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    Improve search results

    Smartifik Keyword

    Smartifik Keyword boosts your search up to 40% with selected languages

    Smartifik specializes in language technology. Word inflections and compound words are a problem for most common search solutions. Smartifik Keyword tackles these problems with sophisticated natural language processing. Make your search fast and accurate!

    Smartifik Keyword processes words in the following ways:

    1. Basic Form

    Words are often in inflected form in texts. As user does a keyword search with words in basic form all correct results are not shown. Smartifik Keyword inflects the words in texts to basic form, so that they can be discovered with the user's keywords.

    Smartifik Keyword uses actual words instead of character strings to make keywords extremely accurate.

    2. Compound Word Splitting

    Smartifik Keyword recognizes and slices compound words when needed. Therefore it's possible to utilize partial words of compounds as keywords to gain maximal results.

    Smartifik Keyword improves customer satisfaction by making keyword searches faster, easier and more comprehensive.

    3. Removing negative keywords

    Smartifik Keyword recognizes negative expressions and removes these from keyword set.

    Smartifik's technology will make your search intelligent!

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    Improve Your Existing Speech Recognition System

    Smartifik Speech

    Smartifik Speech will take your speech recognition system to the next level.

    Smartifik Speech utilizes Smartifik's language technology. All the previously mentioned products can be added to part of a speech recognition system. Smartifik Speech will increase the intelligence of a speech recognition system as it enables the undestanding of complete sentences.

    Watch an example of how Smartifik Speech improves a traditional speech recognition system. Scroll down to see the demo.

    Smartti for Speech

    Truly intelligence for intelligent control systems and smart devices with natural language understanding

    Traditional speech control

    Traditional keyword based systems can be used only by short speech commands.

    Traditional speech control

    Using these systems is slow due to short commands

    Traditional speech control

    Complex actions require multiple commands
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    Smartti for Speech

    Smartti makes speech controlled systems fast and intuitive

    Smartti for Speech

    Smartti enables the extraction of all meaningful elements in a sentence
    I would like to order a Opera Special from the nearest restaurant.

    Smartti for Speech

    Make your speech controlled system intelligent – get Smartti now!


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    • Your Friendly Pizza & Kebab
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