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Increase Sales and Automate Questions and Answers

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Benefits for e-commerce

  • Increases sales and conversion
  • Cost-efficient customer service
  • Serves thousands of users simultaneously
  • Valuable customer insight

Benefits for customer

  • Answers customers questions
  • Recommends interesting products
  • Helps to find relevant products
  • Serves without queues, 24/7

Smartti - Main features

1. Automated live chat

57% of shoppers abandon their purchase if their questions are not answered quickly.

Smartti is able to answer the user's questions automatically. Customers can use whole sentences or keywords, and in both cases Smartti quickly answers the questions as it has been taught. The user interface is easy to use as it resembles a traditional live chat window.

  • Answers to users' questions automatically
  • Understands both full sentences and keywords
  • Semantic and contextual understanding
  • If uncertain, suggests closest match answer
  • Customer servant can join the conversation if needed
  • Collects questions that have no answer available yet

2. Advanced product search

Boost your search up to 40% with smart search.

Customers can search for products easily and diversely, using both whole sentences and keywords.

  • Synonym search
  • Contextual and semantic understanding of the search words
  • Search through names, descriptions and categories
  • Filtering and sorting with natural language

3. Personalised product recommendations

5% increase in sales with personalised chat window recommendations.

Smartti knows the products of your store and recommends them to the visitors intelligently. Chat window recommendations are always available but not in the user's way. They can also be used alongside your other recommendation extensions.

  • Learning recommendation algorithm
  • Chat window recommendation
  • Increase sales and conversion with no effort

4. Control Panel with Live Chat

Teach new personal data about your e-commerce and get valuable information about your customers

You can analyse and modify Smartti's interactions with customers using its Control Panel. Statistics about chats, product searches and recommendations give information on the performance of Smartti. Chat logs offer a convenient way to read through past conversations and get valuable insights about your customers' interests. You can also join conversation in real-time using the live chat feature.

The Q&A section can be used to teach Smartti how to answer questions. To get you started, we have collected 100 frequently asked questions that you can fill in to easily reduce your customer service workload. If Smartti encounters questions that it cannot answer well, it saves them to the Q&A so that you can easily teach the answers to it later.

  • Conversation, search and recommendations statistics
  • Conversation and search logs
  • Teach new questions and answers
  • Live chat

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Key Features

Smartti frees up human resources from customer service and speeds up sales

Keyword Search

Smartti can be used like traditional keyword search to find products and answers to questions

Complete Sentences

In addition, our Natural Language Technology enables Smartti to understand complete sentences

Product Search

Smartti helps customers find products in an online shop

Automatic Product Recommendation

Smartti learns to recommend products based on user action

Smartti - Customer Self Service

Smartti gives your customers confidence to continue Shopping!
Smartti - Customer Self Service
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